Joyce Lim

Managing Director

Joyce Lim is the Managing Director of the Dignersys Group and she also co-founded the company. She leads the entire operations which includes the RnD, consultant, support and office administrative teams. Her team is responsible for the overall service delivery, performance improvement and innovations.

With a Master of Science in Information Technology from Honolulu University in Hawaii, and a Master and Doctorate in Business Administration from Greenwich University in London, she has been the steady hand behind the evolving phases in the growth of Malaysia's most prominent ERP solution and will continue to be an important driving force for its success in the future.

Lim has over 20 years of experience in software architecture, design and development and now leading the team in building capabilities and human capital, which is at the heart of innovation and operational excellence.

Benjamin Wong

Consulting Director

Benjamin Wong is the Consulting Director for Dignersys Group with an amassed 22 years of industry experience, which includes leading and delivering on high-profile projects and manufacturing solutions. Wong is also a hands–on, team player and helped see many of these mission-critical projects from start through to fruition.

Wong holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Campbell University, North Carolina, USA. An employee since 2003, Wong is the gatekeeper for all pre–sales and post–sales activities, from lead generation to solution deployment. As one of the most senior member of the team, he also leads and supervises a team of professional consultants and serves as a valuable role model for the department.


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