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Before You Report An Issue

When an issue is encountered, it is important that we resolve it as quickly as possible. There are some steps that you can take to ensure a fast resolution.

  • The user should make sure that they understand exactly how the program should function and where the issue has occurred. They should document the precise steps that have led them to it. Also, they should note if the issue is reproducible, by reattempting the steps first.
  • The issue should then be forwarded to the system administrator, with the appropriate documentation. The system administrator should also try to reproduce the issue and then attempt to solve it. If the issue persists, the administrator should contact Dignersys via e-Support with all relevant information.
  • Designate a single primary contact from your organisation, with alternative contact(s) in case the primary contact is unavailable. This will enable you to keep a centralized information on all calls. It is also possible that the issue has occurred before and a solution may already exist. With a designated contact on hand, he or she would have access to the solution and would be able to implement it immediately.

Priority Code

It is very important to assign the correct priority code to an issue. This will enable Dignersys to immediately determine the severity of the problem and assign the appropriate action. We understand that every issue is important. However there are some clear distinctions. Prioritising issues will also help us to effectively delegate issues and manage our resources to address all issues on time. Please assign the correct priority based on the severity listed below:

Emergency Your entire system is at a standstill. You are unable to process any data through your system. This is a time-critical problem, which must be addressed immediately, or the business will suffer.
High You have a significant problem, which impacts one or more major business functions. No known work around exists.
Medium A problem exists and needs to be addressed, but there is an acceptable temporary workaround. You can continue to operate until a solution is found.
Low A very small problem exists in the software. There is a good workaround that can be used until the problem is resolved.
Info A request for information on the product or a request that you would like to see implemented in a future upgrade or release of the product.


At Dignersys every customer is important and we are committed to provide efficient, friendly and knowledgeable assistance. However, in the event you feel that we have failed to meet your standards, please let us know.


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